Josh Donaldson mocks Dodgers, rips MLB during NLCS Game 3


Josh Donaldson has been following his former team rather closely this October and the former Atlanta Braves slugger and current Minnesota Twins third baseman had some thoughts about Tuesday’s Game 3 NLCS against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Donaldson was live-tweeting during the game and began to tear into the Dodgers and their defensive alignment in the top of the fourth inning when Gavin Lux — an infielder playing center field — misjudged a fly ball at the warning track to set up second and third and one out for the Braves.

Donaldson mocked the Dodgers and their analytics team for putting Lux in center field, whose mishap (it was ruled a hit, although Lux should have caught it) led to a four-run inning for the Braves as they took a 4-2 lead.

Lux appeared as if he had lost the ball in the sun, which Donaldson noted later when he ripped Major League Baseball for its early afternoon start time for a game on the West Coast.

Donaldson seemed to be pulling for his former team throughout the game and was commending the performance of Charlie Morton, who joined the Braves after Donaldson left.

He did take more shots at the Dodgers (and TBS announcers, by the way) calling them out on their pitching strategy for the series.

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In fairness, the Dodgers burned ace Max Scherzer so he could close out Game 5 of the NLCS, but the Dodgers have one of the deepest teams and rotations in baseball.

The decision to play Lux in center field will likely be most criticized should the Dodgers lose the series. The 23-year-old has only played in the outfield 17 times in his career, and six of those came in center field with his first coming just last month.

In fact, Lux actually had a scary collision with the outfield wall at the end of September. But with Corey Seager, Trea Turner and Justin Turner manning the infield, it’s been hard to find spots to get Lux into the lineup.

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Danny Icamen

What you never made mistakes playing baseball, you think your perfect. You see we are Dodgers Fans wether we win or lose we always have our chin up and our heads high. So you see we still win either way. We are Ruthless Die Hard Dodgers Fans.

Dennis Miller

Part of what he says is , Lux an infielder in the outfield. Roberts has done that all season. The Dodgers have the best first baseman in the MLB, Bellinger, playing in the outfield. There are many other examples of Dodgers playing at their normal position. And don't get me started on his use of pitchers and relief. Unthinkable.Of course, it would help of LA would be consistent in their hitting. Feast know the rest.


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