Today Show’s Hoda Kotb Opens Up About the Fear of Losing Her Fiancé Over Desire to Adopt Daughters

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Co-anchor at The Today Show, Hoda Kotb, is living her dream after adopting two children with her spouse and preparing for a third. Kotb, 57, shared intimate details about her journey to becoming a mother on People’s new podcast, “Me Becoming Mom.” One of her greatest fears throughout the process was...

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Terry Ellery Vitiello

High time for Hoda to quit adopting at her age - those children will likely all still be minors when she drops dead. Additionally, she needs to consider the HO lifestyle she’s teaching her girls. Yes, she can undoubtedly afford the children and provide them with a very comfortable lifestyle, but teaching them it’s okay to just sleep with some guy and have children without benefit of marriage is begging for the girls believing it’s perfectly fine. Hoda uses the excuse of the pandemic for lack of a wedding, but was engaged months or even more than a year before the pandemic.


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