Brian Laundrie's social media activity points to him being alive, Internet sleuths claim

Cover picture for the articleThe country has been at odds about the possible whereabouts of Brian Laundrie since his disappearance on September 13 following the highly-publicized disappearance of his girlfriend Gabby Petito, later found dead from strangulation. With Laundrie now missing for over a month, a number of theories have been proposed, with one popular...

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Cheryl Adkins

I feel that he is still alive. I think they are just saying those remains are his so that he can walk free and change his name. Its gonna all come out one day.

Anita Blankenship Smothers

I think the police & the corner were paid off & they lied about his dental records. But then if they were sent to an anthropologist to see if they are really his remains they surely can't lie. Unless they had another child pass away years ago & hired someone to dig up that grave during the night while every one was so busy & preoccupied looking for Brian & placed that body there. Then the DNA would match. I love crazy idea & long shot but ppl will do anything these days. Then again they say their worth millions so who knows who they could pay off.


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