24 GOP AGs ask Supreme Court to uphold First Amendment rights of high school coach fired for praying on field

Fox News
Fox News

Cover picture for the articleFIRST ON FOX: Two dozen Republican attorneys general are urging the Supreme Court to "uphold the constitutional rights" of a former high school football coach who was fired for praying on the field. The group, led by Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and Alaska...

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Sam Mills

now if he would of been waving a rainbow flag while promoting the evilness of white people he would have been celebrated smh

Joshua Beardsley

The 1st Amendment doesn't specify any religion. It never has and it never will. If another coach does this with any religion other than Christianity, would these AGs, Fox News, or the people commenting still support it? If you only support a recognized religion that matches yours, it's not about the 1st Amendment. To support the 1st Amendment as written is support all of it, even the parts you don't like.

Ron Martin

So 24 AGs do not understand the Constitution and how he was using his GOVERNMENT job to promote his religion. Public schools in the USA are not Madrasa's


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