Suspects Arrested, Charged with Auto Theft, Theft from Auto and Credit Card Fraud in Silver Spring: Montgomery County Po

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Detectives from the Montgomery County Police– 4th District Investigative Section have arrested and charged Ricardo Josue Banos-Flores, age 23, and Jonathan Anane Cargill, age 25, with auto theft, credit card fraud and theft from auto.

On September 21, the victim contacted the Emergency Communications Center and reported to the police that several items, including his credit cards, were stolen from his vehicle that was parked in the driveway of his residence in Rockville.

During the day of September 21, numerous fraudulent transactions were made with the stolen credit cards obtained from the victim’s vehicle at several stores in Silver Spring. Detectives reviewed the surveillance footage at these stores and obtained a physical description of two suspects.

On Thursday, September 30, investigators from the 4th District Investigative Section and the 4th District Special Assignment Team located a vehicle, which was reported as stolen on September 28, in the 1400 block of Hampshire West Court in Silver Spring. When investigators approached the stolen vehicle, they found Banos-Flores and Cargill inside the vehicle. Banos-Flores and Cargill matched the physical description of the two suspects who made the fraudulent transactions with the stolen credit cards at the stores in Silver Spring. Banos-Flores and Cargill were then placed under arrest.

A search of the vehicle revealed distinctive clothes, which matched the description of the clothing used by the two suspects who used the stolen credit cards to make the fraudulent transactions at the stores in Silver Spring.

Banos and Cargill were transported to the Central Processing Unit and charged with auto theft, theft from auto and credit card fraud. They are being held without bond.

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Mikel Darby

hmmf when you can take 1 look at people and clearly these are the type of people our parents warn us to stay away from.use your heads kids, people who dont care about how they look tend to be a problem and they should be watching them..!


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