Bobby Shmurda Gets Clowned For 'Twerking' In New Video Snippet

Cover picture for the articleIt seems like Bobby Shmurda‘s buzz is threatening to fizzle out as the wait for new music continues. On Monday (October 18), Bobby took to his Instagram to tease his second single since returning home from prison — tentatively titled “Trapping Is a Sport” — and many fans aren’t feeling...

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SoufTown Floata

The media will always exploit blackmen in a homosexual manner. It's black male heterophobia. It's part of Jim Crow. They love to do this and will try to put a blackman in a dress to be successful in a heartbeat. Welcome to AmeriKKKa! Fear of the straight black man!

Junie Black

hip hop needs to be demolished and rebooted. it started with lyrics that led to positive thinking now it got everyone thinking gay. even if we're not it's so much in our face it has to be discussed. I keeps the devil out of my house


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