Ashley McBryde showcases fighting spirit following horseback riding accident

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After canceling four shows last month following a serious horse riding accident which left her with broken bones, staples, and a grade three concussion, Ashley McBryde is slowly getting back to her high-energy self on-stage.

“As I’m healing and getting better and dealing with dizzy spells, knowing that I have a show to go and do, I think it helps the healing process,” Ashley told Audacy’s Gunner and Cheyenne. “You don’t want to just sit around and think about the headache that you have, you want to get up and go do a thing!”

McBryde was definitely ready to go do that “thing,” as she stepped on stage for Arizona’s Country Thunder music festival over the weekend, performing for more than 40,000 fans. While eager to hit the stage, the 38-year-old says she has been very mindful to take things slow and has on-stage precautions to help her through any dizzy spells she may encounter while performing.

“We started with stools,” she shared, which allowed her to sit while performing. “Now it’s to where, if I lose my balance at all, I’ll just grab hold of the mic stand, just to have something steady.”

The “One Night Standards” singer continued, “My body is getting to where it’s like, ‘We can go do this!’ I just have to remember like, ‘Ok, we have ten shows to do, let’s not do a power squat and lay on our back and slide across the stage.’ Trying to keep it a little dialed back.”

McBryde has definitely pulled off a recovery as badass as her music, only taking three weeks off following the accident.

“I’ve been joking about it, but we talk about how healing music is,” she shared. “Honestly, me wanting to get back on stage as soon as possible, I think is why I healed as fast as I did.”

McBryde said she received an outpouring of support from fellow Country artists including Jon Pardi, Miranda Lambert, Terry Clark and Caylee Hammack, who were all making sure she “minded her P’s and Q’s [like] not overdoing it.”

LISTEN: Ashley's full interview with Gunner and Cheyenne

Tough not to overdo it with a career as exciting as Ashley’s! She most-recently surprised fans joining forces with an unlikely duet partner, Carly Pearce, for a brand new song, “Never Wanted To Be That Girl.”

“We’re kind of unlikely pals,” admitted McBryde. “She’s tall and her hair is lighter and she’s a little more soft-spoken. I’m short and loud and tattoo’d and brunette,” she laughed.

“Writing together, the kinds of things and stories that we were having to tell each other — the honesty we were having to share — really solidified our friendship.”

Hear more about the duos’ friendship, the making of the music video and Ashley McBryde’s return to the stage in Gunner and Cheyenne’s full interview above.

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