Celine Dion shares health update as she announces heartbreaking news

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Cover picture for the articleCeline Dion left fans heartbroken as she announced a devastating health update that ultimately led to some very sad news. The singer shared a statement on her Instagram where she revealed that due to unfortunate developments in her health, the opening of her new Las Vegas residency would be...

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James Guay

She’s so unhealthy looking. Muscle spasms? I doubt that is the only thing going on with her… if that’s even an issue. Muscle spasms can be taken care of with calcium and magnesium supplements. But that woman needs to EAT. AND EAT GOOD FOODS TO HEAL HER BODY. TALK ABOUT ANOREXIC BEHAVIOR.

Glenda Dykes

I have muscle spasms too and it is very hard to even Drive so that is why I don't Drive and I also have them in my hands so sad We need prayers for people like us so I know what she is going through so sad

Pamela Daily

We need more people to have faith in Jesus to God on their health issues and whatever else may arise. In Jesus name I pray Amen and Amen.


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