If You Got Moderna, the CEO Just Gave This Important Update on Boosters

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In late September, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) authorized and recommended an additional shot of the Pfizer vaccine for select groups. Now, more than 9 million people have received a Pfizer booster shot, per the CDC. A panel for the...

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Doris Deacon

I Have not received any shots ,you hear this ,you hear that ,l know a few people who got the vaccine and got sick ,that's UN-COOL in my book ,my Daughters boss got sick to ,Figure That 😊😊


I've posted alot how my 33 year old daughter who never even had more rhan a common cold in her life was severly sick for two months off work, broke 3 ribs from coughing so much, ended up in rhe ER FOR BREATHING TREATMENTS. THIS WENT ON FOR TWO MONTHS. She still cannot go back to work. I will never get this vaccine. Never

Virginia Amell Sauerheber
27d ago

guess no one knows about how the vaccine is losing its potency just sitting in the bottles they have done test and it started out at a 89% effective well just a few months later found it to be only 53 % effective so what's that tell you ? now there pushing for more boosters I wouldn't put their so called vaccine in my body no way ...for one its supposed to be a immune booster well if it's only 53% effective no need your body has natural immune system...stay healthy folks they comming to jab everyone they can , I've never in my entire life have had a flu shot , won't take that either , smh


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