Brian Laundrie Allegedly Caught On Camera By Florida Man 3 Hours From His Home

Cover picture for the articleAs the hunt for Brian Laundrie continues, new footage of what may be the wanted man has been obtained by TMZ. The clip came from a Dunnellon, Florida resident who told the gossip site that the clip was filmed on one of the surveillance cameras on the outskirts of his property...

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Vanita Gary

If the police knew where the parents went that day why didn't they intercept the box @Fed Ex to see who it was sent to & what was in the box....I still don't believe the skeleton was his...He's somewhere on this earth laughing at the FBI & POLICE.....

Eileen Findley

how SAD. I was in a situation similar one minute he was sweet as pie the next a demon. He would grab my face so one day I told him touch me again and I will fight back. Begging promising crying to get me back the love of his life. Thank God I got away with a little help from my gun toting female friends. Once a person hits or abuses they never stop.... get away brake the cycle.


I don't believe in that history his family trying the FBI, POLICE AND THE CITIZENS he is dead. Maybe I don't finish to see this case, and neither his family but I bit he runs away to another country. That is just pure show. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡


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