Javier Manquillo says Newcastle 'are not going to stop enjoying' the feelgood factor delivered by the Saudi takeover despite 'hatred' from other clubs and supporters... as he picks Kylian Mbappe and Erling Haaland as his dream transfer arrivals

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Javier Manquillo insists 'hatred' towards Newcastle in the wake of their takeover won't stop those involved at the club from enjoying the new era.

A consortium led by Amanda Staveley and backed by the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund completed the takeover earlier this month, leading to jubilant scenes outside St James' Park as fans celebrated the end of Mike Ashley's reign.

However, the money involved - which has seen the club become the richest in the world - has led to feelings of animosity among other clubs.
Javier Manquillo says he is aware Newcastle's new-found riches will lead to feelings of hatred

Premier League sides took a step earlier this week to blunt the impact of the Saudi money by blocking in-house sponsorship deals from now on, preventing those that own Newcastle from providing their own generous sponsorship package.

Manquillo, though, insists those within the club are ignoring the attempts to dampen the mood around the club.

'I understand that this operation will arouse antipathy or hatred. But we are not going to stop enjoying this period because of this,' Manquillo said in an interview with the Daily Telegraph.

'I don’t know how long it will take but this operation is aimed at Newcastle being able to compete for the Premier League and we want to live it.

'A few weeks ago we were a normal club and now we are the richest club in the world.

'It sounds like science fiction but these changes happen sometimes. It’s good news for Newcastle because from now on the team will get better and better.'
The Spanish defender namechecked Kylian Mbappe as a dream signing in an interview

With the budget now available to Newcastle, talk among fans has turned to dream signings ahead of the next transfer window.

Given the clubs current position in the table, serious investment in the winter is a certain as they look to move out of the bottom three.

However, Manquillo was happy to pontificate on his dream signings to join him in the North East - including two of the most sought after forwards in Europe at this moment in time.

'If you ask me who I’d sign for Newcastle, I’d go for [Kylian] Mbappe and I’d go for [Erling] Haaland,' he added.

'If it was a PlayStation team I’d also go for Messi and Cristiano, but the youngsters who stand out the most right now are those two.'

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