Brian Laundrie latest: ‘Weird’ detail uncovered on Pinterest account, blogger reveals

New York Post

Cover picture for the articleAn internet sleuth has reportedly uncovered what she described as a “weird” detail on Brian Laundrie’s Pinterest account, which apparently follows 146 people, one more than three weeks ago — suggesting that the fugitive may indeed be alive. Shaynah Dodge, a blogger from Minnesota who has been closely following...

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Lauri Zaker

If there are dental remains, his parents could have gotten teeth of his and put them at the preserve. Some people keep their wisdom teeth. Alternatively, somebody could have been paid off, since they allowed his parents in there earlier and then again, and then they (found) something of his and carried it.... I am just flabbergasted at what they allowed them to do... hmmmmm

Margaret Flores

the parents of Gabby should get an independent autopsy done I don't trust parents they been leading the police FBI all through this case since he came home after killing her plus he not man enough to kill hinself

Kathie Curran Kraft

there has been something suspicious about Brian's parents! I'm sorry I have to say that, but I have felt that from the beginning


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