NBA Fans Are Pissed At Kyrie Irving After He Was Spotted Playing Pickup Football Over The Weekend

Cover picture for the articleKyrie Irving has caused a lot of drama due to his stance on getting vaccinated. Although he explained his point of view in an Instagram live video, it doesn't magically make him right. Staying unvaccinated is risky for Kyrie and everyone around him. Keeping that in mind, the Nets...

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Tyler T White

what's the problem, he was told he couldn't play unless he got the vaccine it's not like he don't want to play he just don't want the vaccine nothing wrong with that

Julia Davis

why is this news, if he doesn't want to get the shot so be it. nobody can tell him or anyone eles to get the vaccine, it's a personal choice and his teammates respect him, so stop asking them about him he knows what he's doing he's a grown man and can handle his own.

Nina Harold

Nobody is going to take care of Kyrie and the NBA is not held liable if he has a adverse reaction to the kill shot... People are dying from this so called vaccine, getting blood clots and an inflammation of your heart as well as a lot more deadly effects.... So why get the shot, Kyrie is good financially, so why risk his life....


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