Fox News Hosts Trashed For ‘Disgraceful’ Spin On Colin Powell’s Death


Cover picture for the articlePersonalities on Fox News were slammed for using the death of former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell from complications of COVID-19 to question the effectiveness of coronavirus vaccines. Hosts Tucker Carlson, Will Cain and John Roberts each faced backlash for their commentary. Powell, 84, was fully vaccinated, but...

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Everyone at Fox News has gotten the vaccine. Maybe there is reason why they will take vaccine while discouraging their viewers from doing so as well.

Sonya Ramos-Spencer

What the hack is wrong with these people. The hero died from complications symptoms of COVID-19 . Nobody ever said the vaccines preventable from contracting the Virus 🦠 However, if contracted symptoms are not severed. Powell was in his 80’s and had other life threatening complications risk factors in which this deadly strain gravitates to .

Carole Karsten

Fox spreads misinformation and distorts the facts on a daily basis, however you have to put a lot of blame on their viewers They are not very bright and lack rational and reasonable thinking. At no time did the CDC or any medical expert and professional state that vaccines were 100% effective. The efficacy rates ranged from the 80's to the 90's percentiles. Antine with any sense knows that doesn't compute to 100%. Fox knows this as well but of course misleads viewers for political reasons. Why anyone watches that scam so called news outlet is beyond me.


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