Kelly Rowland Was Confused After Her Interaction With Jay-Z Went Viral

Cover picture for the articleA brief interaction took the world by storm, and while Kelly Rowland doesn't think much of her recent viral moment with Jay-Z, the public is still eating it up. The pair both attended the premiere of The Harder They Fall and camera crews, as well as guests, were documenting every moment....

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I was on that live. She kind of pissed me off. Fans were complimenting her about the video of her and Hov. I don't know why she stated I'll just never understand. What's so confusing about people liking a video? no we don't get to see them all the time due to Beyonce's strange privacy laws.


Fans get excited seeing Jay Z surprised to make any kind of expression. It was toward another woman who happened to be the beautiful Kelly Rowland. I'm sure he doesn't go out that much to events without Beyonce. She is a guarded individual and may not trust him as far as she can see him. I believe that he is a hella cool guy to talk and vibe with. Kelly knows how Bey is about him and said the best response she could at that moment. I'm sure they don't get together that much. You don't see Beyonce with her sister and or daughter Solange or any friends in public. She is a recluse and very private. All we see are photos of her dressed up on Instagram and a glimpse of the kids here and there. As long as it works for them and they r content and happy that is what matters in the world they live in.

Kay Lynn

she really looks like Beyonce in the pic 😏 maybe that was the reason for his reaction 🤷🏾‍♀️🤣🤔 there...I said it!


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