‘I Love Lucy’: Lucille Ball Dyed Hair Red Because She ‘Wasn’t Hung Up on Being Beautiful’ on the Show
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Over the years, Lucille Ball was best known for her fiery red hair as she played Lucy in the legendary show, I Love Lucy. While her hairstyle is a big part of her iconic image, it wasn’t natural. The actress was born a brunette. While a lot of her...

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Payne's payne

she died it red so she won't stand out and be noticed. plus redheads are known to be temperamental, which allowed her to be strong and act up a little when she wanted to.

Susan James

Lucy Ball and Jim Nabors used to hide out at my grandmother's house to get away from a big golf classic celebrity party. When I got home from work, I didn't recognize her at first. Very little make up. She talked alot about her children. Jim Nabors didn't say much at all. I promised to keep their hideout a secret.


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