‘Tiger King’ Star Erik Cowie’s Cause of Death Revealed


Last month, “Tiger King” zookeeper Erik Cowie died at 53.

Now, his cause of death has been revealed. According to the New York Chief Medical Examiner, Cowie died from “acute and chronic alcohol use.”

His death has been classified as natural, TMZ reports.

In September, the outlet reported that Cowie was found dead at a residence in NYC. Cowie was discovered facedown in a bedroom, and insiders say there were no drugs at the scene, nor anything suspicious.

Months before his death, Cowie was arrested and booked for DUI in Oklahoma after he was involved in a two-car collision. He pleaded guilty.

Cowie worked for Joe Exotic at the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park in Oklahoma and with Jeff Lowe at his now defunct Tiger King Park.

The Tiger King Park Instagram account shared a photo and video of Erik with the message, “It comes with great sadness to say that a dear friend and hard working employee has passed away. Erik Cowie dedicated every waking moment caring for the animals at GWEAP & Tiger King Park. After the animals were ripped away by the Department of Justice, he sadly couldn’t take it anymore. He absolutely loved all the animals and would show up early to check on each and everyone. He had his Demons but the animals helped bring joy and happiness in his life. #rip #tigerking #erikcowie.”

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Sherry Sabin

alcohol is horrible on the body its a slow painful way to die, addition for whatever reason it maybe is very sad, i figure his drinking got worse after they took his animals, a broken heart an too much time on his hands.R.i.p.🙏💔

2Chron 7:14

Acute means "sudden onset" Chronic means "long term" so, he started drinking one day and never stopped. That would be "Alcoholism" WHERE DO THEY GET THESE WRITERS. 🤔


it could've been accidental. that's what happened to my brother, God rest his soul. just drank too much one night & was found on the floor face down. NO one wanted to help except root thru his stuff.


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