Protesters Block Miami Streets in Effort to Stop Haitian Deportations

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Police on the scene began to make arrests after protestors refused to clear the entrance to Port...

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Diana love

They are the most ungrateful people on this earth?!! They want freebees and live off others blood sweat and tears !! They have six kids before they're twenty five and I can't afford they're life styles ,I can'tafford my own !!! No No ,go back and fix your problems in hatti!!!

Freedom for All

After illegally invading our country the Haitians are complaining about their treatment here. AMERICAN homeless citizens should at least get equal care. WHY do they come here...the illegal immigrants in the millions...Don't theHAITIANS see their problems are much the same problems as US....article said.."" Gang violence, natural disasters, fuel shortages and vaccine hesitancy are all making it difficult to roll out vaccines in Haiti, """So Haiti is sending vaccines back. AND don't forget we have. the invasion of millions of people entering our nation illegally and the riots,,property destruction , racist problems, and Leaders who are destroying our economic and stability. WE have16 million American kids struggle with hunger each year... Harris, Biden and Pelosi have more than enough funds to care for those entering this country , not taking their turn.America is struggling from the statements by our Leaders, they raised the ceiling on our debts..threaten Social Security , Yet HARRIS do


im African American. have a Haitian best friend. so no bigotry or hate on them but that's one group im not enthusiastic about at all. help them fix their country. and YES we owe it to them. United states has done quite a lot to disrupt that country from government to Clinton agricultural initiatives pushing farmers into poverty. would not advocate them being here. completely different cultural mentality.


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