Large employers fear vaccine mandates will chase away workers. But 'real world data tells a different story.'

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As COVID-19 vaccine mandates roll out across federal agencies and among many private businesses, companies that fall under the Biden administration's vaccine-or-test requirement are worried about employees quitting, a new poll has found. President Biden directed the Labor Department to develop a rule that companies with 100+ employees must...

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David Szymanski

There are 22 people some of the best and highly trained people will walk off if the mandate takes effect. You can't just teach some of the skills these people have. But they are welcome to try. Freedom is more important then your opinion or any job.

James Stiffler

I look forward to hiring anyone who quits over jab( vaccines stop you from getting disease) . Our company will never mandate vaccine and will have stronger healthier and smarter force. We only have 5 jab takers all the rest herd immunity

Chicken Ship

the government can give away free shots but not free testing. wonder why?🤔🤔 so businesses will fire skilled workers and replace them with untrained ones. that's a money maker!


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