Jennifer Love Hewitt Trying to 'Reset' While Feeling 'Like I'm Not Enough' After Birth of Baby


Cover picture for the articleJennifer Love Hewitt is taking time to reset. The 9-1-1 actress, 42, recently welcomed her third baby, son Aidan James, with husband Brian Hallisay (they also share daughter Autumn James, 7½, and son Atticus James, 6), and on Sunday, she wrote on her Instagram Story that she's pausing her social media...

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Mary Anne Ohrel Wood

we didn't have internet when I had my kids way back. No cell phones either. Maybe that's why we were focused on our families!


They have incorporated her post-baby struggles into the story line on 9-1-1. I think it's really cool! I gave birth to 5 kids and spent 12 years of my life being misdiagnosed with postpartum issues (which probably were part of the problem), but I had thyroid disease. All the meds they put me on for baby blues, made my undiagnosed thyroid disease worse. It's impossible to get the proper care, the docs throw pills at you and say "go away".


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