Shannon Beador, Gina Kirschenheiter, & Emily Simpson React To Heather Dubrow’s Return To Real Housewives

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After the announcement that Heather Dubrow would be back on Real Housewives of Orange County , I had some hope for the franchise. Finally, no more Kelly Dodd . Not to mention we will be fully recovered from the post- Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge growing pains. Things are looking up. At least a little. We will probably still be wading our way through Shannon Beador’s theatrics and Gina Kirschenheiter’s extensions.

When it comes to Heather rejoining RHOC , I am most intrigued to see how she will ingratiate with the current cast of misfits . Heather has previously revealed that filming has “already been surprising, shocking, funny, mildly disappointing – that might be an understatement – and hopeful.” That’s a lot to take in. And as interested as I am to see Heather welcomed back, I am equally curious to see how the returning cast plans to accept her.

In an interview clip shared by @dorindadeadly on Twitter , Emily Simpson , Shannon , and Gina shared their perspective on welcoming Heather back to their crew. Emily and Gina seemed excited, while Shannon just tried to act like she’s been there -done that. Shannon seems to be going for center-orange, but at this rate, who wants that spot? I don’t get it. But, maybe it will all be SO FUN BECAUSE FUN-SHANNON IS EVER PRESENT YOU GUYS.

Emily shared her initial shock at the news of Heather’s return saying, “honestly, at first I thought it was fake news.” She added. “But, when I realized that it was true, I was really super excited about it.” Emily seems to think it’s a great thing for the cast and the show. She explained, “Heather brings a lot of classiness and she brings that amazing lifestyle that everyone is interested in watching.”

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Emily also joked about having to get out her pearls, cardigans, and Chanel for the welcome wagon! “You need to come in a little classier when you know Heather Dubrow is gonna be there,” she joked. Meanwhile, Gina gushed, “I am very excited to meet Heather Dubrow.” Gina seemed especially eager to have another New Yorker on the show.

When it was Shannon’s turn to answer, she started with a riveting history lesson. She explained, “ Heather and I started off in my first season, which is season 9, kind of on a rocky footing…But, as the years went by, four years, we ended things on a good note.” Does this mean Shannon is going to try and align with Heather as a veteran Housewife?

Shannon revealed one of her favorite memories with Heather was staying up late and ordering room service and laughing after filming in Ireland. She added, “I love to laugh. So, I am so hopeful, that as Heather comes back this season, that she and I are going to get right back in to the laughing zone, because that’s a lot of fun.” She also adds, “Season 16 is going to be something else!”

Get your tickets to the laughing zone now, y’all! It’s going to be something else.

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Personally I’m glad she is returning, she is snobby, but at least she isn’t phony rich and isn’t trashy, would love to see the house she was building during her last season.


I haven't watched this show in years, but Heather is not an easy person to watch 👎🏾💯

Patty Glendye

as long as Kelly's gone i don't care who comes back. i like Heather and her husband.


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