Did Biden Exempt Congress From the COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate?

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The COVID-19 virus is to blame for the deaths of 4,887,600 across the globe as of Oct. 18, 2021, reports the World Health Organization (WHO). With the global crisis far from over, the Biden administration has taken measures to curb the spread of the virus by issuing an executive order that...

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Sabrina Nelson

why?? because you know this vaccine is no goodwhy? ? because there life. is worth more then mine...why?? because they are Rich .why?? because you have been lying to the American people..why? because you actually have the real Cure to this disease..why ? because your life is worth more then mine..Just remember we the people put you there.we the people built America off of our sweat and tears and sacrifices......god is watching..


These photo op’s of politicians getting the Covid vaccine are so fake it is unbelievable that people actually believe it. All you have to do is zoom in for a closer look 🤦🏼‍♀️

Allyson PD

this vaccine is not a one size fits all. the people who have had covid have natural immunity which is better than any vaccine. some people can't take vaccines for medical reasons, some can't take them for religious reasons and some just don't want it. ALL THOSE ARE PERFECTLY GREAT REASONS TO NOT GET THE VACCINE. If YOU choose TO GET it fantastic I support YOUR CHOICE. If you choose to NOT get it I support YOUR CHOICE. THE GOVERNMENT CAN NOT FORCE ME OR ANYONE ELSE TO GET THIS BE VACCINE.


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