There’s Reportedly A Third, “Worse” Video From Urban Meyer’s Night In Columbus, Plenty Of “Lurid Texts”

Whiskey Riff
Whiskey Riff

The Jacksonville Jaguars finally put a complete game together yesterday against the Miami Dolphins in London, snapping their 20 game losing streak and finally getting into the win column.

Pretty impressive, considering all of the outside distractions that the team has faced since the video of a girl dancing on Urban Meyer at a Columbus, Ohio bar.

It looks like Meyer is hanging on to his job for dear life at the moment, and a win was exactly what he needed to begin the steps of putting this whole debacle behind him.

Needless to say, he was pretty emotional yesterday, after notching his first career win.

However, according to a source, there just might be more evidence from that fateful night that could put him into the ground even further.

Todd Schuster of the No Laying Up golf podcast (AKA Tron Carter on Twitter) is an Ohio native, and according to sources close to the situation back in Columbus, there is a THIRD video from that night.

And apparently, this third video is even worse than what we’ve seen already.

He also stated via Twitter that sources have told him that there have been a ton of “lurid texts” between the two parties (Meyer and the young woman named Cayman Nebraska).

Schuster noted that “a certain coach’s wife” (AKA Shelley Meyer) has been making threats towards the girl’s family through phone calls, and is doing everything she can to make sure this third video doesn’t leak.

Oh boy, this could be getting wild in the next few days.

Of course, we still have no evidence at the moment of these texts or third video, but Schuster claims that multiple Columbus sources have told him similar things.

I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

In the meantime, you know where to find Urban…

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Steve Chambers

Oh my goodness. Shut the country down!!! Only one whom should care is his bride. The rest of us has absolutely no business in his business.

Russell Hall

people in bars do bar things.people in church do church things.people at work do work things.if these things are shocking to you,you need to get a may have a problem.or better yet,you may be the problem.

Mark Mills

If his wife is threatening Cayman Nebraska's family, it might be safe to assume he hasn't been faithful and she's covered for him before.


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