An MMA debutant stunned onlookers with a rarely-seen KO that left his opponent's body stiff and unresponsive

Justin Barry had an MMA debut to remember.
  • Justin Barry, an American fighter, competed for the first time in MMA this weekend.
  • It was a debut to remember for the 33-year-old as he scored a rarely-seen crescent kick KO.
  • Watch the awesome finish right here.

American fighter Justin Barry introduced himself to the combat sports world in the best way possible as the MMA debutant scored a rarely-seen knockout Sunday that left his opponent's body stiff and non-responsive.

It all went down at the Cage Warriors 130 event in San Diego, California, as the Europe-based promotion - a hotbed for future UFC stars - ventured into the US.

Barry fought fellow American fighter Alan Benson in a 195-pound catchweight bout - the second of eight fights on the night.

The 33-year-old finished the match in a vicious fashion, separating Benson from his senses with an inside crescent kick midway through the second round.

The kick was thrown so expertly, and landed so hard on Benson's head, that it knocked him out before he hit the ground.

On the canvas, the impact of the strike could clearly be seen as Benson's body stiffened.

With Benson beaten to an unconscious state, mustachioed referee Mike Beltran rushed to call the fight off, and intervened just in time so that Benson did not take any unnecessary punishment.

It might need a second viewing of the finish to fully understand what happened.

Watch it right here:

A clearer angle is here:

The win advanced Barry's pro MMA record to one win (one knockout) against zero defeats or draws.

It is unclear when Barry will fight again, but if and when he does, he will likely have far more eyes on his work.

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I watch a lot of fight videos, but I can't recall ever seeing that type of kick knock someone out. That was incredible and fast.


That was a devastating kick. Heck of a shock to his central nervous system. I hope and pray he's okay and no long-term damage.

truth angel

I pray that he will be ok and regain all his use of his body .in Jesus name.


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