If Biden's approval rating is falling, he's got himself to blame


Cover picture for the articleJoe Biden’s not having a great fall. His legislative agenda is treading water, his poll numbers are slipping, and even his core supporters are unhappy. While they are prone to point the finger at the GOP and the press corps, the reality is that the White House has largely itself to...

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USMC patriot

Wow have you noticed the news not covering anything on Biden if all this chaos was going on with Trump it would be talked about 24/7. Tell me again the news media is not bias. Biden’s open borders leaving Americans people in Afghanistan. High food and gas prices.

Joshua Rice

I don't know how quite to take a retied Marine, the President is the top dog. While Biden is not 100% responsible for what happened in Afghanistan, he is responsible for our withdrawal and that disaster he made.The Buck stops with him and his actions I am almost 100% positive killed strong support in the Armed Forces. (that and the federal mandate for military to get the vaccine).on another note: passing a spending bill isn't going to fix overrun inflation.

My USA First

The Headline is wrong... It should read. BIDEN'S APPROVAL RATING IS DROPPING, AND HE ONLY HAS HIMSELF TO BLAME.... No IF about it.....


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