A Single Mother With 9 Children Sentenced to Death for 114 Grams of Meth

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A viral video of a single mother who was sentenced to death on Oct. 15 for drug-related offences is generating online discussion about women’s rights and capital punishment in Malaysia. According to local reports, 55-year-old Hairun Jalmani received the death penalty last week at the Tawau High Court in...

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The Equalizer

I haven't been to Malaysia, but I've been to the Philippines. I was stationed there for two years and I've seen what a woman in a destitute situation will do for their children. Believe me when a person has no power they have to put up with things that you can only imagine. They have no government institutions that will help feed, or shelter them. These people are totally on their own. Nor is there a middle class. You are either rich or poor, and if you are poor the rich can treat you like garbage and the law will usually look the other way. I'm pretty sure she did know the law, but that is just an indication of how desperate she was. Here in America the government is practically shoving money down our throats with the stimulus checks, tax returns and all the benefits that we get, but there you get only what you can earn, or beg for. On top of that she is a woman and that alone places her at a huge disadvantage. Please put yourself in her shoes before you judge her.

John Becker

They have to throw in the racist "enduring legacy of British colonialism" bit. Malaysia could have made their own laws anytime they felt like it. Maybe they feel being strict about selling massive amounts of a deadly drug is the right thing to do.

Skippy Oh

good then she can't have any more children!!! Need thus kind of punishment in the States instead of all these bleeding hearts encouraging such behavior with community service


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