Gabby Petito Followers Spot Youtuber's 'Hidden Hand Signals For Help' In Bodycam Footage

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Gabby Petito followers who have analysed the Moab Police Department bodycam footage, believe she may have been using a domestic violence hand signal when stopped in August. On 12th August, Gabby and her partner Brian Laundrie were pulled over by police by the side of a road. In the bodycam clip,...

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Marsha Eddy

This is ridiculous. If Gabby had really WANTED help, she had police readily available -- and asking the right questions -- to get it from! She also would not have done her best to take blame upon herself for that day's argument and physical acts, rather than have police blame Brian. It was CLEAR to me (a formerly abused spouse) that Petito was still in love with in the ideal of love and (unfortunately) was walling to forgive her fiance of much. If she had not been, she would still be alive today. Prayers to BOTH families. Many are angry at Brian, and his parents by extension for their silence, yet both families LOST a child. I can imagine no worse heartbreak! I also pray that these parents get the answers they need to be able to eventually find some degree of peace with this tragedy.

Nancy Lujano

When she got off the car to speak to the officer she could have ran to the officer. She didn't want to. I have been saying Brian is dead some where. No one knows what happen. What happen to innocent until proven guilty. If it had been Brian found dead first no one would have said she killed him. Everyone ready to hang him. I pray they never find out what happen. Let's see what nosy people will do.RIP Brian. Now his family will have some peace.


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