Report: Orgeron's 'Girlfriends' Would Show Up at Practice and 'Interfere', Even Participate in Drills Along With Their Kids

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The news came down yesterday afternoon that LSU football coach Ed Orgeron would not be with the program next year.

The school and Orgeron agreed to a buyout and will be parting ways at the conclusion of the 2021 season.

Almost everyone expected that. The timing was a bit surprising, but it does give the school time to search for a new coach.

Besides his team’s performance on the field over the last season and a half, Orgeron made it easy for LSU to move on due to some of his antics off the field.

You may recall him yelling at UCLA fans in the season opener and then the now near-infamous back-and-forth with a caller on his radio show . Throw in some of the rumors swirling about things that have happened off the field, and it’s pretty evident that this a coach who didn’t quite have control of the program.

WBRZ sports anchor Matt Trent reported yesterday that Orgeron had “girlfriends” that would show up to practice. Sometimes, the kids of those girlfriends would interfere with practice and actually take part in team drills.

Of course, what the coach does in his personal life is his own prerogative, but when it starts interfering with work, then that’s a problem.

There are several LSU fans who just don’t believe this particular accusation actually happened.

Regardless if this is true or not, Orgeron will be paid handsomely to exit the LSU football program. Per the agreement, he will make $16.949 million in the next four years, delivered in 18 installments.

Here is his buyout schedule:

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Mike Bickle

LSU fans who don't like Coach O are off their rocker and deserve whoever they get next.The dude just won a National Championship not that long ago.


seems to be smarter than all commentors, he getting a huge salary buyout and some nice little tender coed , I wouldn't complain!

Franklin E Rutledge

Humans are awful creatures. Jesus Christ was the only prefect man, he was God in the flesh. He showed us how to live if we received Him. He will give us his Spirit to be a better human being. Get Jesus, follow the truth of the Bible and then display God's love. Best wishes Ed and you that are displaying why you need Jesus.


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