Trump wanted to slash the federal government. But federal agencies are doing just fine.

Washington Post

Cover picture for the articleEditor’s note: This article is part of a series on current challenges facing the federal bureaucracy from “Rethinking Our Democracy.” A joint initiative by the Center for Effective Government (@UChicagoCEG) at the University of Chicago and Protect Democracy (@protctdemocracy), “Rethinking our Democracy” produces written series on key areas of institutional and...

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John Dufresne Jr

Our government has become way to big and powerful. Everyone seems to forget we were founded as we the people. Not we the government

steve trout

Federal government is largest employer in our and it produce zero goods. needs to be slashed to mirror it's production

Jamie Kelly

Because he was trying to turn us into a dictatorship and the way to do that is destroy your government and corrupt law enforcement and the courts. He was doing the same thing Orban and Belarus’ dictators did. Got elected and then start using the government against the people to consolidate their power. This is the new way these authoritarians are pulling slow moving coups. Real Americans support their government institutions no matter who is sitting in the White House. Trump deliberately made people distrust our government, the parts of it that can hold him to account. Dictators playbook just as plain as day.


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