Trump faces a pile of civil lawsuits as depositions begin

NBC News
NBC News

Cover picture for the articleFormer President Donald Trump has been ordered to answer questions under oath in a lawsuit Monday, and his attorneys could soon set a date for a deposition in another case, as well. The lawsuits, involving allegations that his security guards roughed up protesters outside Trump Tower in New York...

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Sherri Harris

This is the man our kids have been indoctrinated to aspire to be. God help us all if any, let alone, if most of these kids succeed in becoming the man Trump truly is. As parents we insist upon a high moral compass. Our schools, churches, colleges, military, business sector... all demand we lead with our morals. Trump is off his axis.

Faye Mathis

can't wait but he will need more money so open up your pocket and doñate, but it probably won't be used for his attorneys just him and his family

Mike Smith

Trumpism must be stopped so just don't donate any money to trump or anything associated with trump!!! Instead donate to your local food bank!!!


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