The incredible, disappearing — incompetent — Team Biden

New York Post

Cover picture for the articleLast week was another bad one for the continually disappearing Biden administration. As Americans took to social media to post pictures of bare Dunkin’ Donuts shelves, sold-out milk at big-box stores and other signs of an America in trouble, we learned that Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has been on paternity leave...

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Barbara Kessler

the inadequacies in this administration are piled high....just like the containers at the ports as well as those on cargo ships waiting to unload.


Biden’s blunders: Botched Afghanistan withdrawal, Inflation, Crime is UP, botched Covid, weaponizing the DOJ against parents exercising Constitutional Rights at school board meetings, promising bi-partisanship but pushing left wing legislation, promising an open and transparent relationship with the press but refusing to take questions and ducking the press, immigration- the most recent fiasco was at Del Rio with Haitians, dropping sanctions on suppliers of Iran’s ballistic missile program, high gasoline prices? Blame Biden: implementation of a moratorium on new federal mineral leases and drilling permit and cancelling the Keystone XL pipeline- then when gulf hurricanes shut down gulf production- blame profiteering, ask OPEC to increase production-then as the domestic oil and gas industry for help…to name a few

Charles Mccutcheon

I am a container hauler , what the media is saying is false, they have been told to unload the ships slow. so Biden an get the infrastructure , Bill passed.


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