Adrien Brody Turned Down ‘Lord of the Rings’ — And Had Major Regret

The Hollywood Reporter
The Hollywood Reporter

Adrien Brody turned down a chance to be in Lord of the Rings , a decision he immediately regretted when he saw the Peter Jackson epic in the theater.

In a recent career retrospective with GQ , the Oscar-winning actor revealed the surprising fact, as he talked about the film he did do with Jackson, 2005’s King Kong .

“I, somehow, didn’t grasp it,” Brody said of being approached for The Fellowship of the Ring . “I don’t know what part I would have been right for, but it was some Hobbit-like character. I was looking for something else.”

And of course, Brody said he had major regret.

“I remember going to see Lord of the Rings in the theater with an ex-girlfriend. And she turned to me and said, ‘You passed on Lord of the Rings ?!'” the actor recalled. “I remember feeling so stupid. But I don’t think I would have gotten the role of Jack in Peter’s [ King Kong ]. I don’t think that would have translated.”

Brody went on to say King Kong was a wonderful experience for him and he learned a lot about making a big-budget, epic tale. “We had a premiere in  Times Square and they shut down all of Times Square,” he said. “The mayor was there and introduced us to the city. It was a big deal. My face was immortalized on a McDonald’s soda cup. When does that happen for anyone?”

Watch the full career retrospective below.

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