20 details on season 3 of 'You' that you might've missed

Season three of "You" has some sneaky symbolism and foreshadowing moments.
  • Season three of "You" has hidden Easter eggs, foreshadowing, and other details you might've missed.
  • The library has a nod to Stephen King and Cary's intro foreshadows his relationship with Joe.
  • Sherry's open marriage is sneakily referenced twice before it's revealed.
  • Warning: Major spoilers for season three of "You" ahead.
  • Editor's note: This post mentions suicide.
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Joe still has the hat he wore to stalk his previous victims.
This appears to be Joe's signature hat.

When he plans to go out to follow Natalie, Joe grabs his infamous blue hat .

Since Joe only wears it while stalking, the fact that it's in his new home shows that he wasn't ready to give up his old habits when he married Love and moved to Madre Linda.

The library has several books written by a fictional Stephen King character.
"You" has a few nods to Stephen King.

The first time he goes to the library, Joe stands next to a rack of books by Scott Landon.

Scott Landon is actually a fictional character in Stephen King's "Lisey's Story."

This isn't the first time "You" has referenced King. Posters for movies inspired by his works —  "The Shining" and "It" — were seen during season two .

Love's wedding ring features a ruby stone that could be symbolic.
The ruby-red stone is like a spot of blood.

Love's wedding or engagement ring seems to feature a ruby surrounded by small diamonds.

Rubies represent passion and the blood-red color seems like a fitting choice for a woman who has killed multiple people in bloody ways.

COVID-19 does exist in the show's world, though the timeline of the pandemic is a bit unclear.
From the end of last season to the beginning of this one, about seven months have passed.

Throughout the third season , mentions of coronavirus and vaccines make it clear that the pandemic does exist in the show's world.

Joe mentions that Sherry issued a public apology for throwing a maskless party in August 2020, there were rumors about Madre Linda having early vaccine access, and a nurse mentions that anti-vaxxers still exist in "the age of COVID" while Henry is in the hospital.

But the timeline of the coronavirus pandemic seems a bit sped up on the show and it seems to be over by the time season three begins.

For example, during hospital scenes, characters are only shown wearing masks when in the room with Henry and not in the hallways outside.

And during the final scene in the Paris cafe one patron says he "can't believe how many people left New York after the pandemic."

Even Sherry's wine glass outshines her neighbors'.
Sherry's cup sparkles.

During the party Sherry throws at her house, she drinks out of a wine glass with a bedazzled stem.

This seems to signify Sherry's queen-bee status since everyone else has a plain glass.

Joe's first impression of Cary kind of literally foreshadows their relationship.
Joe and Cary do end up in a sexual situation and a Fight Club-y one.

The first time that Joe talks to Cary , he wonders, "Is he flirting with me or inviting me to join Fight Club?"

Cary ultimately does both, as he introduces Joe to his Fight Club-esque boys' trip and gets close to being intimate with him.

Sherry and Cary's open marriage is hinted at during the first episode.
Sherry drops hints about her open marriage.

Aside from Cary flirting with Joe, there's a clearer hint that Sherry and Cary are in an open marriage.

Sherry mentions a neighbor's open marriage to Love and looks very interested in Love's response.

When Love says she doesn't judge the couple, Sherry says she's glad Love moved there.

Sherry also mentions her open marriage in an article Love clearly didn't read.
Sherry's open marriage is revealed early in the season.

When Sherry approaches Love to see if she looked at the article she sent her, Love says she didn't read all of it.

Since Love didn't realize Sherry was in an open marriage, which is revealed in the third sentence, she apparently only read the first two lines.

The article addresses the stigma around polyamory and Sherry says she is writing about her and her husband's experience with the lifestyle to be a resource that she didn't have when her journey began.

The bunnies at the end of the second episode indicate a positive change in Love and Joe's relationship.
The bunnies may be a symbol.

By the end of the second episode, Joe and Love have both decided to work to save their marriage rather than split up.

Love and Henry find the neighbors' bunnies in their backyard after this. The animals are a fitting symbol of that point in Love and Joe's relationship, as rabbits can symbolize renewal and improvement .

Joe doesn't know 5 Seconds of Summer, but they are a real band.
5 Seconds of Summer is a band consisting of four guys.

When Kiki comes into the library, Joe notes that her brother is a roadie for "something called 5 Seconds of Summer."

5 Seconds of Summer is an actual Australian pop-punk band that Joe has apparently never heard of.

Joe changed his last name to include Love's.
They are both the Quinn-Goldbergs.

When Joe is sitting in shock after he and Love find Gil's body, she yells his name and calls him "Joseph Quinn-Goldberg."

This indicates that they combined last names when they got married.

Gil's note doesn't match the narration of him reading it.
Some of the words differ.

The suicide note that Joe writes for Gil is not as detailed as what Gil says while narrating it.

During the part of the note where Gil "confesses" to Natalie's murder, he says, "Next thing I knew, I was standing there gripping an ax, her body on the ground. And when I put her in the ocean, I felt like I was possessed by someone else."

The letter actually reads: "I don't know what came over me. Next thing I knew I was on that cliff, her body on the rocks below."

Joe looking at Marienne through the library stacks resembles a similar moment he had with Beck.
Joe likes to hide behind shelves of books.

Marienne starts talking to Joe through the library stacks while he is reshelving books during the fifth episode.

The shot is similar to a moment he had with Beck on a season-one episode when they look at each other through the shelves at the bookstore .

After Love becomes friends with Sherry, she dons athleisure wear often - just as Theo predicted.
Love wears more athletic wear after she befriends Sherry.

During their first conversation, Theo tells Love that he knew she was new in town because she hadn't "converted to full-time athleisure wear yet."

Just as that line predicts, once Love is more comfortable in town and has become part of Sherry's friend group, she begins to wear athleisure wear frequently.

Love's credit-card statement mostly shows food-related purchases - and, of course, a Netflix subscription.
There's a Netflix Easter egg in Love's credit-card bill.

When Joe pulls up Love's credit-card statements, most of her recent purchases seem to be food-related.

She has charges from ordering food at restaurants like Easy Greasy Diner as well as bakery-related expenses from places like Baker's Friend- Supplies & Goods.

She also has a Netflix charge. It appears she has the standard plan since she paid $13.99.

Matthew's database shows he doesn't believe Gil and Natalie had an affair.
The screen shows Matthew still isn't buying Gil's so-called suicide note.

While looking into his neighbors to find out who killed Natalie, Matthew has organized his information about his wife into different sections.

He has Gil's cause of death written as "suicide" and has written "possible affair," showing again that Matthew doesn't fully believe that Gil and Natalie were ever together.

Joe's resignation letter says he's leaving to spend more time with his family.
His letter is quite formal.

After he and Marienne kiss, Joe plans on quitting his position at the library .

In his resignation letter, he says he's quitting because he has decided to spend more time at home with his family .

Sherry's tell when she's lying was revealed as early as the second episode.
Sherry scratchers her arm when she lies.

Love makes lemon-raspberry cupcakes for a party Sherry is at after telling Joe that Sherry's wedding cake was the same flavor.

When Sherry refuses to eat one, lying by saying that she doesn't like lemon or raspberry, she scratches her arm.

This is useful when the Quinn-Goldbergs are trying to figure out if the Conrads heard Love confess to Natalie's murder. Love seemed to know to check if Sherry would scratch her arm — she did — when Joe asked if everything was OK.

Love only touches the paralytic-covered knife while wearing an oven mitt.
Her skin never touches the paralytic-coated knife.

Love poisons Joe with a paralytic by coating a serving knife with it, having learned that skin absorption of wolfsbane is less lethal than feeding it to someone directly after accidentally killing her previous husband James this way .

Love is shown handling the knife when she cuts the chicken, but she wears an oven mitt to keep from ever directly touching it.

We learn a few interesting tidbits in the final faux article from The Cut.
The Cut is a real website but this article isn't.

The Cut article Matthew reads at the end of the last episode shows that Joe's plan was successful. People believe that Love killed Joe and Natalie before dying by suicide.

It says that her story has "inspired memes, art, and even a K-pop viral hit, 'Pie4Me/Die4Me.'"

The article also says that her original bakery name was intended to be Lovemuffin, not A Fresh Tart, but she couldn't get the rights to it.

We also learn the Quinn-Goldberg "butcher house" has been demolished.

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