God and Jesus Are Our Best Friends

Cover picture for the articleAll you readers out there probably have your own definitions of what a best friend should be or could be and who also need to define how you can be somebody else's best friend. Do each of you recognize or acknowledge that God and His son Jesus are the...

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It is true that Jesus, who is God, who also is our Savior, wants us as friends. But there is one problem. Jesus tells us, the difference between a servant, and a friend. A true servant will do what is required of them in the scriptures. But these are not necessarily friends. Those of us who are spiritually called friend, have become knowledgeable of God’s will, and Plan, to the point they know where they are within God’s Plan. They know Him well enough, they know what is next. This is the true friend. A servant, will continue to clod along, and be happy with their position in life.


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