Poll: Biden’s Presidency “Sinking Like The Titanic”, Trump May Be Beneficiary

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The Free Press - TFP

One snafu after another has driven President Joe Biden’s job-approval rating into the cellar.

And Donald Trump may be the primary beneficiary.

Zogby Analytics released a survey on Thursday that found just 36 percent of respondents approve of Biden’s work during the first nine months of his term.

On the other hand, 61 percent disapprove.

Biden had been above 50 percent for much of his presidency. Yet he has been in the mid to low the 40s for weeks now, and each news cycle seems to bring a setback that further erodes public trust in his ability to manage the job and the nation.

“President Biden’s skid continues, and he has fallen down a job performance well,” the firm observed. “Biden is only receiving decent marks from his political base’s most ardent supporters.”

In other words, the president’s measly support is pumped up by Democrats (68 percent support) and liberals (69 percent in favor).

Meanwhile, Biden “is getting hammered” by multiple groups, Zogby reported.

He is underwater with younger voters (63 percent negative); women (65 percent negative); suburban voters (65 percent negative); Hispanics (59 percent negative); independents (71 percent negative); suburban women (67 percent negative); and even urban women (53 percent negative).

What Zogby didn’t point out is that Biden’s has almost zero backing among Republicans.

The pollster noted that 38 percent of those surveyed were Democrats, while another 24 percent were independents. Republicans made up only 38 percent of those polled.

Beyond his trumpeting of liberal, woke policies, Biden has done little to make headway on the nation’s problems, and even created new ones or exacerbated existing ones.

For example, Biden pledged to “shut down” COVID-19. But more than 300,000 people have died since he took office, and that was a month after the Trump administration approved and began distributing the vaccines.

Beyond COVID, inflation, particularly for food and gas prices, and illegal immigration have reached levels unseen in decades.

Biden ordered the disastrous pullout from Afghanistan that got 13 U.S. troops killed in a terrorist attack and stranded dozens of Americans under the Taliban. He responded to the murder of troops with a drone strike that killed 10 people, including Afghan aid workers and seven children.

The nation faces a worsening supply-chain crisis that may hurt families at Christmas. He also is advocating spewing trillions of dollars into the economy with a plan that would double the already bloated federal budget – at a time when employers can’t fill 10 million job openings.

Meanwhile, he has mandated COVID vaccines for 100 million Americans and has overseen his attorney general in dispatching federal law enforcement officials to control parents at local school board meetings. And the U.S. Treasury is now seeking congressional approval to surveil anyone who makes a bank transaction larger than $600.

“Voters can’t help but wonder why the Biden administration keeps sweeping these issues under the rug and declaring them ‘transitory,’” Zogby noted. “Is it any surprise Biden’s presidency is sinking like the Titanic?”

“It’s quite amazing he cannot even get his own party on the same page. Usually, presidents are struggling to pass their agenda with a little bi-partisan support. The Democratic party is more divided than the Republicans now!” Zogby’s analysis continued.

In sum, Zogby observed, “t’s not all over for President Biden, but something must give soon. … Biden ran on the idea he could fix things and heal the country. With each precious day slipping by it seems unlikely he will get his agenda passed or heal the country.”

“Another Trump presidency might not be so farfetched an idea as it was a year earlier.”

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Janice Lanza

Over 40 yrs in politics and a complete failure. And he's taking us down to a doom& gloom holidays. This doesn't effect one politician or the rich. Vote republican 2022. We know what democrats are all about high inflation and debt to our country.

13 B

Biden has proven in just nine months he's the worst president in American history. When you add Harris, who's proven in the same amount of time, she's the worst vice president in American history. These two need to resign and return to their home states and stay in their basements.

Matthew Jordan

oh no you don't get to blame this one on Trump okay, you won the presidency the house the Senate all of Congress and you got the majority vote Joe Biden is not our president is your president you're the one that put them in there okay? you need to own that because you're the ones that put him in there not us we fought everything that that we had in US to stop him from being a president so you can blame his failure on us


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