Dumpster Diver Shows Amount of Food Thrown Out by Whole Foods Store

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Whole Foods' "Green Mission" reports that the company has a food waste strategy and employees are trained in waste efficiency, but one TikToker found almost 100 loaves of unexpired bread in one...

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tommy d

This has been an issue for a long, long time. Unfortunately liability issues in this country prevents these stores from donating food near or at experation to shelters and food banks.

Kerry Neuner

Dunking Donuts does the same thing. I walked in at closing n asked the girl what do you do with all those donuts, she said oh we throw em in the dumpster and I asked for a donut since I was hurting myself and she said no I can't do that. I was so embarrassed and shocked. they were throwing the donuts away and couldn't spare one.

Randy Heltzinger

was it consumer groups who made food products have expiration dates Was it the consumers who complained about buying spoiled foods , People want fresh foods for themselves and their families , The store cannot put outdated products out in the parking lot with a free sign on it, It costs alot to drive it and donate it and then the baked goods are hard or moldy. Discount grocery stores sell close to and outdated Items and the consumer is well aware . I would bet that if someone were to pickup those Items sort through them and distribute them they would eliminate food waste , That process is a job in of itself , If you save money by dumpster diving go right ahead lady , stop complaing even if you eat somthing spoiled. I like to know my food is number one fresh and wholesome.


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