Man Bets $71 on a Horse Race and Later Ends Up a Multi-Millionaire
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Sometimes, all it takes is one big win and then making some smart investments. That strategy worked out to perfection for Darren Yates after he won more than $638,000 by betting on a horse race. Darren Yates came from humble beginnings, but he is now a multi-millionaire. All it...

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New World Order

It’s a great story and good for this man, but $638,000 is far from multi-millions as the title of the article suggests. Somebody needs to tell the journalists that we would have read the story anyway. No need to exaggerate and lure us in by the heading that he was a multi-millionaire after betting this horse racing. This is why the term “fake news” was created and stories like these only make you doubt more and more what we read online these days as accurate and truthful.

R Mcann

UK 1969, The ITV Seven, Seven races( televised) one bet.... All Seven must win.... Dad in Law won first 5, 6th race went to Stewards Inquiry, won the 7th.... Pub goes bonkers, Already millions at stake...6th race inquiry comes back....the other horse won.... still a party to remember....😂😂😂


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