Native Americans Demand Fox News Apology, Firings Over Outrageously Racist Comments


Cover picture for the articleA Native American organization is demanding a correction, apology and the firings of Fox News personnel for a series of racist comments. Fox News contributor Rachel Campos-Duffy, who appeared with her husband, former Wisconsin GOP Rep. Sean Duffy, said Wednesday on Fox News Primetime that Native Americans’ struggles have “everything to...

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William Johnson

as someone who lives on the Cherokee reservation in North Carolina. I will say the fox hosts are correct. Government dependency and alcoholism is rampant and adding to the problems of the native Americans. but those are not the only ones. we also have problems with meth and the Harrah's casino which killed all of our small businesses.

Eric Sundberg

Don't forget the fact that each of these "tribes" have been taking money from the US Government for decades while demanding sovereignty and control over the lives of "their" people. If anyone is responsible look to the tribal leaders who have destroyed their own people. It is just easier to blame some else, try and blame someone from centuries ago, and if they are white so much the better. Try taking responsibility for your lives and leaders today and if you don't like the labels do something constructive to change it not demand an apology for what is true in all too many cases.

John Jacobson

These Native Americans are playing the Progressive game where everyone must be silenced, for telling the truth. If you don’t like the facts, then change your community. Don’t call people racist for sharing well known facts.


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