U.S. to pay family members of victims from botched Kabul drone strike

CBS News

Cover picture for the articleThe Defense Department announced it will offer condolence payments...

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Mary Solomon

They think it’s fine to use the tax payers $ to pay off for their ignorance. The ones that ordered and carried out this act should be held accountable and have to pay for it themselves. How much were the families of the attack on the twin towers paid from the Muslims?

Gary Newsome

I thank the us government should have to pay each American a million dollars for all the pain they have caused us for the covid-19 an for all these nasty Afghans they are bringing over here an going to give corner stores to


Ah yes. The week before leaving Afghanistan will no hinder our ability to hit terrorist targets. Well this family would kindly disagree. They were innocent civilians just minding their own business and they met a hellfire missile. I’m sorry but money ain’t going to fix that problem. You literally gave further justification for the radicals of these people to hate us and cause further problems. First we pull out leaving their own military completely dead in the water without our air support and maintenance crews and now we kill innocent civilians. Gee what a helpful ally we are.


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