Chuck Liddell files for divorce following arrest

Cover picture for the articleFormer UFC light heavyweight champion and UFC Hall of Famer, Chuck Liddell, has filed for divorce from wife Heidi Northcott just days after an altercation at the couple’s home led to “The Iceman” being taken into custody. TMZ was first to report that Liddell filed paperwork for “dissolution with minor children”...

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Jane Mcgie

I am a woman and know that abuse goes on with men and women being the abuser. I don't care WHO YOU ARE. YOU DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT TO EVER HIT ANYONE. LEAVE. GET OUT. COOL OFF. DO WHATEVER IT TAKES. Because if its important enough to you you will do it. Just please walk away.


Men we must stop looking on the outward only in choosing wives, it may be best to go down in looks and look at character in order to maintain your sanity!!!

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So he was the victim, but went with the police so that his wife could stay with the children? This supposed violent woman who has mental health issues that he says he's been shielding from the public for a while...but he took the blame for this incident and left her alone with his children? 🤔 Yeah...ok buddy! 🙄


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