Michael Jordan Has Brutally Honest Admission On NASCAR

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The Spun
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Michael Jordan jumped into the world of NASCAR, forming a new team with veteran driver Denny Hamlin, with Bubba Wallace behind the wheel. The No. 23 car won its first race earlier this year, as Wallace earned his first career victory on October 4. Jordan recently spoke with NBC’s...

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Florida Cracker 1828

lol, Nascar people are not racists just because they're from the South...

Steven Batterton

why is this about racist?is it because they found a noose in bubba's garage?i saw that same noose in the same garage the year before it was found in bubba's garage not sure but I think it was Ryan Blaneys garageand the confederate flags they got rid of them so bubba wouldn't cry anymoreso why is Jordan worried about racism?


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