Police spot car of Ohio mother with 2 children missing since 1997

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UPI News
Police discovered Wednesday the vehicle belonging to Stephanie Van Nguyen, who went missing nearly 20 years ago with her two children. Photo courtesy of Dehli Township Police Department/ Facebook

Oct. 16 (UPI) -- Police have found a car that belonged to an Ohio woman who went missing nearly 20 years ago with her two children.

The Ohio woman's car was recovered from the Ohio River in Aurora, Ind., on Wednesday, police in the Cincinnati suburb Dehli Township said in a statement on Facebook on Friday.

Stephanie Van Nguyen, 26, and her two children, Kristina, 4, and John, 3, went missing nearly 20 years ago, according to the police statement.

"Mrs. Nguyen left a note that she was going to drive into the Ohio River," the statement said. "A lengthy investigation began, however, the case went cold."

Nguyen was last seen in a green 1997 Nissan Pathfinder, according to a missing persons report with the Ohio Attorney General's Office.

Technological advancements, such as side scan sonar technology, led to the reopening of the case this year, with the Hamilton County Police Association Dive Team and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources assisting local police with the investigation. The probe included scanning the Ohio River for the past six months.

"Indiana State Police is now assisting Dehli Police to determine if Mrs. Nguyen and her children were in the vehicle," the police statement said.

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Sharon McNeely

If she left a note saying she was going to take her and her two children and drive into the Ohio River, you would think the authorities would search along that river everywhere there was a place or cliff to drive off from, wouldn't you? Why should it have taken almost 20 years to find the car? Didn't any friends or family see warning signs that something wasn't right with her? If she wanted to take her life that's one thing but her children had no say in the matter, she just took their lives away from them! What a monster and poor excuse for a mother!

Christie Nicometo Lewis

For those questioning why it took so long or why they don’t know yet whether the bodies are in the vehicle, there’s a YouTube channel called Adventures with a Purpose. They travel around the country diving and pulling vehicles out of the water. They’ve solved a lot of cold cases this way and they explain what they are doing and why along the way.

I'm 4 real

If they found the car in the Ohio river and retrieved it, shouldn't there be skeletal remains in it? Why are they not saying what was in the car?


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