Lisa Rinna Is ‘Laughing All The Way To The Bank’ Amid Backlash

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Lisa Rinna is clapping back amid the backlash. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, fans want her off the show off the long with Dorit Kemsley. The RHOBH Season 11 kicked off with fireworks on Wednesday. Dorit and Rinna ganged up against Garcelle Beauvais. As a result, the two...

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Pretty Feet

Poor taste of a caption when people have lost their cars, homes, grocery money and lives because of losing their jobs. There has been many murder/ suicides of families because of money problems. I'm really tired of these so called celebrities flaunting their wealth, mansions, 25,000 dollars play ground toys/structures, and vacations while some of us are struggling to put a roof over our heads and feed our families!! Rinna needs to stop showboating!! Just do you and stop bragging!!

Always Learning

I said last year that Rinna should be let go. Didn’t do any good then and probably won’t now. They don’t care what the fans want. I quit watching NJ housewives last season. Also quit watching Vanderpump Rules. Don’t watch Andy Cohen’s show anymore. So if I quit the Beverly Hills housewives it’s bye bye Bravo. They have all become same old same old. (Yawn). Predictable and boring. Too many good shows on streaming channels for me too watch!


They didnt gang up on Garcelle. We are talking about grown women. Cant handle it then quit. Its television, people!!!!!!!!!!


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