Real estate agents “blackballed” home for sale by owner

Cover picture for the articleCanada may have a problem with real estate agents acting as a cartel that serves themselves rather than clients. An investigation by the CBC found agents steered buyers away from a property because it would mean a smaller commission. A buying agent and a listing agent in Canada typically...

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Jim Buckley

Sure, real estate agents provide a service, but if you don’t need it, why pay. They almost always fix there price at 6% and with the rapid rise in home costs, are making plenty. Sold my last two houses without a hitch. Used lawyer to write it up and title company to deal with issues and transfer.


For those who think that realtors aren’t needed you had better rethink that. In your quest to be a cheap skate you could find yourself mired in legal challenges and fees in the future, or will you try to muddle through that too. Buying or selling a home is not as simple process as you think it is. It’s not like buying a bag of chips off the shelf.

Suz Henrich

The seller just wants realtors to bring people to see their house for just 1% since it’s a for sale by owner the buyer then can by pass the realtor and lower the price by 1% with the homeowners. It’s just not worth it realtors do more then showing people houses much goes on in the office even before you show houses and then what about writing up the contract and presenting it negotiation of price, inspections, types of mortgages and all the other legalities. Realtors help both buyer and seller but their contract is with the seller to get the best price, screen the buyers , advertise the home and so much more.


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