NFL World Reacts To Cam Newton Vaccination News

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Former NFL signal-caller Cam Newton seemed to have legitimately lost the New England Patriots quarterback battle to rookie Mac Jones this past summer, but his vaccination status may have played a role in the team’s decision to cut him entirely. Well, it looks like he’s reversed course on how...

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Jaime Kolk

think it's said our president thinks it ok to force ppl into a descision that he has no right to make for anyone. Myself having covd and fighting it n still here may i remind you. I will never tell someone not to get the vaccine your choice but this COUNTRY and along with anyone else need to respect ppl who choose not to get it. I will not be jab and my children will not either. notice this is a virus that spread by ppl who don't practice hand washing ECT just like a flu. VIRUS the key word here if you want to live in a bubble with no immunity I say get the shot but I will not n know ONE WILL GUILT ME IN TO ANYTHING. FOR IM A FREE ANEEICAN WOMEN.

Thomas Sergeant

no one has the right to tell us what to do with our bodies and I hope you know that you may not have covid-19 test the calling everything that today

JJ Keller

He was the most overrated quarter back n the NFL, another good thing is he will stop stealing his grandmother’s clothes for interviews


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