Fact-check: Biden said vaccinated people can't spread COVID-19. Is that right?

Austin American-Statesman

Cover picture for the articleJoe Biden: People who are vaccinated for the coronavirus “cannot spread it to you." Here's why: During a visit to a construction site near Chicago, President Joe Biden promoted his policies to increase vaccination rates, arguing that beating back the coronavirus is the best way to boost the nation’s...

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Scott Ruckart

I understand that people who got the jab want to believe that they did The right thing but if you can still get it, you can spread it to others and you might still end up in the hospital you bought in to a lie.

Kim Rice

we all know Biden can't speak without reading from a teleprompter and very well scripted speeches. obvious anyone can spread a disease and it makes no difference whether they are vaccinated or not. once again, he doesn't know from which side of his face he is speaking as usual.


For starters, this is NOT a true vaccine .It is being propagandized as such. A true vaccine PREVENTS one from contracting a disease and from spreading it.This is nothing but an Mrna Inhibitor with stem cells from aborted fetuses plus graphine. People have absolutly no idea what negative effects from taking this stuff is going to cause in time . Hence, experimental!!


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