Brian Laundrie Update: The Key In Gabby Petito Tragic Murder Is THIS, FBI Analyst Says

Cover picture for the articleAn FBI behavioral analyst claims that the day Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petito argued in a Wyoming restaurant on Aug. 27 may be the key to the latter's tragic fate. The 22-year-old YouTuber was seen having an explosive argument between her fiancé and a worker at a Jackson Hole restaurant called...

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Bob F.

Gabby's parents or step parents ( not sure who she lived with ) must have met and liked Brian at one time to let their daughter move from New York to Florida and live with the Laundries. did they know the Laundries ever meet them ? and the Laundries your son.has a live in girlfriend who he anned to marry and now you act like she never existed taking her pictures down and off your lawn.ypu have a crazy lawyer have said zero on the case. never asked where she was when Brian came home in her van alone ..what kind of parents are you..don't answer calls from the Petitos ..I hope the FBI charge you big time with hiding him .when his guilt is obvious

chopper 1

The key is the mis - carry of justice in this whole fiasco. None of this should have happened. And all the justice seems to be weighing on protecting Brian and his family. Just un - believable.

Carol G

He killed her soon after that got back to the area she was found in. I believe he chased her at some point and that is why she was so far away. He may have dragged her body too, but I see him chasing her down


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