‘No problem!’ Joe Biden Laughs at Reporter Suggestion He Get Bernie and Manchin Together to ‘Hash it Out’ at White House

Cover picture for the articlePresident Joe Biden had a good laugh and a snappy quip when a reporter suggested inviting Senators Joe Manchin and Bernie Sanders to the White House for a hashing-out session. The president spoke to reporters briefly after he arrived on the South Lawn Friday evening, and he was repeatedly asked about...

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Lawrence Beckman

Biden's Build Back Bankrupt policy will destroy the country, the economy, your income, your job, and your financial future. Support it at your own peril.

Jmarie Flor

this mfker is soo out of touch with reality its an embarrassment to all Society he clearly is being controlled by some demonic influences

Bernadita Lemond

Biden self-proclaimed dictator and is supported by his progressive democrats! I can't understand how Biden is DESTROYING THIS COUNTRY and the lawmakers in states and DC aren't stopping him! This just shows who is above the law! Why have elections and pass laws when the ones who make them, break them, but never accountable and prosecuted?! Biden cannot and should not be allowed to continue down this path of FAILED POLICIES, which began 10 months!


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