Karin Ruhkala: 'We the Parents' will not remain silent while the education establishment lies to our children

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Cover picture for the articleI’ve watched the anger and frustration of parents during school board meetings and I’ve quietly agreed with them. I’m a mom of three school-aged sons and I’m also a Christian. One Bible verse that has repeatedly come to mind is Esther 4:14. In it, a vulnerable, young minority woman...

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William Speers

The public school system was funded, created, and is supposedly administered for the public benefit. In the expanding debate over what the public schools should - and should not - be teaching our children, we ought not to forget that the system, the buildings, the land, all the infrastructure, BELONGS TO US! We, the taxpayers, have paid the entire cost of it. If push comes to shove, perhaps taxpayers may have to stop paying money to a government that dictates what the schools will teach, starve that system to death, and start a new public school system. It’s not impossible; it was done before. We just need the resolve to make the change.

common sense ?

It's time parents demand school choice. make the socialist public schools compete for students and kids might actually learn how to support themselves as adults.


its about time Parents got involved in their children's education. they just left it to the school board and see what happened got a bunch of communists in there running the place. All school curriculum should be put online for the parents to review.


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