Help! My Ex Is Insisting on an Embarrassing Name for Our Child Out of “Tradition.”


Cover picture for the articleDear Prudence is Slate’s advice column. Submit questions here. (It’s anonymous!) I am pregnant and 30. My ex is 36. It was a long-term but causal relationship. My ex and I agreed to be civil and co-parent, but have been stuck on this one issue. We are having a girl, and...

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Judy Chun

Your choice. Name her what you want. Judging by your questions, he may not even show up to coparent. You probably should get a lawyer to protect yourself and your daughter.

Kathy Ventura

My husband wanted to name our son after his father who died 3 weeks before the birth and I said absolutely not because my father was dead also and I wanted our son to have his own name. He kept bringing it up but I told him I was the one signing the birth certificate. His family wasn’t happy but I didn’t care I felt it was important to give him his own identity so name her what you want she’ll thank you later

Beth Janousek

simple. don't tell him about the baby until after she is born. fill out the birth certificate with the name you want.


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